You’ve been invited to take a very special journey. A journey made just for you. It begins with the Invitation to reflect, pause and renew, then leads you to the Journey, taking those next steps in rediscovering you. Lastly, it ends with a Feast where you gather your special plate of gifts and talents to bring into your community.

This 21-day journal will help you renew your mind through daily intentions, by celebrating your successes, and in seeing the miracles that are happening around you.


My hope is once you reach that last page, you’ll have a renewed sense of peace, passion, and presence in your daily life affecting not only you, but all those that the world brings to you. 


The world needs you, my friend. Will you accept the Invitation?

"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. So tip toe if you must , but take that step!

May the pages to follow bring you a heart and mind state of peace and joy in all your choices.-- "

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GIFT FOR YOU: Here are half/day retreats laid out so that you too, can facilitate in your home, your parks, and at your church. And if you do decide to do one in your community, I would love to hear from you on how they go! Send me pictures or post on Instagram with the tag #inspiringhopeinyou
Soul Formation Facilitator
Soul Formation Workbook
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